PTT is led by an experienced management team that combines expertise from private and government sector.

PTT is proud to present a technological breakthrough in POME treatment with continuous system process flow for extra oil recover and transforming its sludge into fertilizer.

Most important is the Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) can be effectively reduced to less than 20ppm with our system.

Through pragmatic detailed consultations, discussions and evaluations of customer's requirements, an integrated effective waste water treatment applications and solutions will be customized to suit individual customer's needs.

PTT system and facility not only exceed the current waste water discharge quality standards or requirements set by local authorities in a cost effective manner, but also ready for capacity extension and more stringent POME discharge requirements in the future.

Designed for POME: Waste Water Treatment Designed for POME: Biogas
Capacity : 15 - 30 tons per hour 90% ~ 95% COD & BOD Removal
( Subject to the water content or sludge content. To be further confirmed after site visit) USR Integrated Technology System
BOD & COD : 60% - 70% Removal Enamel Tank Assembly or Reinforced Concrete with more than 30 years of service life
Suspended Solid Recovery : 60% - 80% Pre-Treatment enhance biogas production
Sludge Moisture : 70% - 80% Low sulfur content
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Waste Water Treatment Plant