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MBL is an oil expeller manufacturer specializing in Copra Oil Expeller or Coconut Oil Expeller which uses screw press processing technology refined and enhanced by our engineering and technical team. An all-in-one machine, it crushes and presses the copra or coconut, follow by oil extraction. Traditionally, the copra or coconut are pressed and crushed and transferred to another machine to be extracted.

The precise dimension and construction of each parts of the screw press are vital to ensure the final performance of our oil seed expellers.

Model EK-301-CT EK-25-CT EK-12-CT
1st Pressing (Ton / 24 Hours) Copra: 50
Fresh Coconut : 100
25~30 -
2nd Pressing (Ton / 24 Hours)   15~17 12~15
Required Copra Quality The moisture content of copra should not be more than 5%, based on M.E.O.M.A Standard
After 1st pressing 16% to 20% oil content remain in cake
After 2nd pressing 9% to 10% oil content remain in cake
Worm & Collar / Worm Screw Hardfacing on worm & collar (worm screw)
Thickness of hardfaced layer : 6~8mm
Longer life span
Can be rebuilt about 4 times
Reduce maintenance cost
Gearbox Triple Reduction Helical Gear
Motor Foot Mounted Squirrel Cage (IEC Standard)
90kw (125hp) 55kw (75hp) 55kw (75hp)
1500rpm / 415V / 3PH / 50Hz 1000rpm / 415V / 3PH / 50Hz 1000rpm / 415V / 3PH / 50Hz
Dimension Length (mm) 4,932 4,411 4,425
Width (mm) 1,384 1,099 1,099
Height (mm) 1,455 1,308 1,308
Approx. Weight  (kg) 5,900 4,200 3,800
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