Oil Seeds Crushing Machinery

Oil seeds crops are crops grown primarily for the oil contained in their seeds. While oil content of small grains (such as wheat) is only 1-2%, oilseeds range from 20% (soy beans) to 40% (sunflowers, rapeseeds). Major world sources for edible oilseeds include soy beans, sunflowers, rapeseed, cotton and peanuts. Seed oil from linseed and castor beans are used for industrial purposes. Other uses include production of fuel and pet food.

Seed oil can be extracted mechanically using oil seeds crushing machinery such as oil expellers. Palm Kernel Oil Expellers have a rotating screw inside a horizontal cylinder that is capped at one end. The screw forces the seeds through the cylinder from one end to the other, extracting the oil from the oilseed by application of intense pressure. The oil seeds are heated up by friction and electric heaters, usually both at the same time to improve extraction. Once the cap is removed, the seed oil escapes through small holes or slots and the solid remains of the oil press, the press cake or meal, may be collected via the end of the cylinder. Both the pressure and temperature can be adjusted for different kinds of feedstock.

There are two types of oil seeds expellers, the single cylinder variety and the cage style oil expeller. Single cylinders emit a press cake in a cylinder form, while cage-screw style presses expel the press in large flakes.

The main advantage of single cylinder oil expellers is that it is simple to use as it is easy to adjust for multiple feedbacks. It is also designed for continuous use so there is no need to check on it frequently throughout the day. It is also known for working well out of the box and the process of unclogging is easy and convenient in the event that the machine is backed up. However, the disadvantage is this machine is not made for large, industrial-scale presses due to the huge pressure generated by the press head. It is also very costly.

On the other hand, cage-style oil seeds expellers are much less expensive and are meant for small and large electric-driven presses. These can handle larger capacities of more than 3 tonnes per day, making this the favourite choice for industrial scale presses. However cage style seed oil expellers require extensive adjustments for various seed sizes and needs constant monitoring.

Choosing the correct oil seeds crushing machinery for what you may intend to do is crucial. Here at MBL, we can help you make an informed decision and ultimately help you save time and money in the long run.

Model EK-100-K EK-150-K EK-200-K
1st Pressing (Ton / 24 Hours) 10~12 15~17 20~22
2nd Pressing (Ton / 24 Hours) 7~8 12~13 15~16
Required Kernel Quality The moisture content in the kernel should not be more than 7%, based on M.E.O.M.A. Standard
After 1st pressing 12% to 14% oil content remain in cake
After 2nd pressing Less than 7% oil content remain in cake
Worm & Collar / Worm Screw Hardfacing on worm & collar (worm screw)
Thickness of hardfaced layer : 6~8mm
Longer life span
Can be rebuilt about 4 times
Reduce maintenance cost
Gearbox Triple Reduction Helical Gear
Motor Foot Mounted Squirrel Cage (IEC Standard)
37kw (50hp) 45/55kw (60hp/75hp) 55kw (75hp)
1000rpm / 415V / 3PH / 50Hz 1000rpm / 415V / 3PH / 50Hz 1000rpm / 415V / 3PH / 50Hz
Dimension Length (mm) 4,090 4,180 4,230
Width (mm) 1,100 1,190 1,190
Height (mm) 1,200 1,220 1,175
Approx. Weight  (kg) 3,800 4,000 4,300
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